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For further information about ketamine for depression and anxiety disorders, and a list of other ketamine providers nationwide, check the web site of the Ketamine Advocacy Network.


Ketamine for Depression

An excellent recent book, by Stephen J. Hyde, MD, psychiatrist (published September 2015). It is written in an informative, easy to read style. It provides a wealth of information about ketamine for physicians, as well as for persons considering treatment for themselves or family members. It is available in hardcover or paperback, and as a very low cost e-book, on Amazon Kindle.



Ketamine for Treatment-Resistant Depression: The First Decade of Progress

This book is edited by Sanjay Mathew, MD and Carlos Zarate, MD, both psychiatrists with extensive experience in research and development of ketamine as a treatment for psychiatric disorders. The 155 page book includes chapters by several psychiatrists, describing the scientific theory, research findings, and development of evidence in support of the use of ketamine for psychiatric conditions. Because of its focus on research and higher price, it may be of greater interest to psychiatrists, and others with professional interest in the topic. 



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